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These are the API documentation for PHI, which provides an overview of all the endpoints available on the public API, and how to use them and what they return.
The API is built on GraphQL, which is similar to how The Graph's subgraph works. Developers should find this API intuitive to work with. If you are coming from a REST backend, we will provide guidance on how to get started with the API on your client.
One of the major benefits of GraphQL is its schema-first approach. We believe that for PHI to be adopted widely, the tools must be simple and easy to use, and abstract away as much blockchain-related complexity as possible. Our schema is designed to be easy to understand, without requiring a deep technical knowledge of the protocol or Solidity.
We have added many features to the API and will continue to develop and improve it. By using our API in your application, you can benefit from these improvements automatically.
We hope that you find our API useful, and we welcome any feedback you may have.