How to set up the Avatar record in ENS

In this tutorial we will be going through the steps to set up an Avatar to your ENS domain name

We are aware of a known issue with the 'ENS Set an Avatar' Quest unable to be completed due to an issue with ethers.js. We are working on a workaround to ensure everyone is able to complete this quest.

In this tutorial you will be spending some ETH to update records! The ETH amount depends on the number of records you modify.

An avatar is a profile picture for your ENS name. For example we can choose an NFT of our own or any picture to be our avatar.

An avatar for phinominal.eth

We will be using the tutorial by taytems.eth and brantly.eth to set this up. You can also explore gregskril.eth's tool (tutorial: Using MintYourPFP to set an Avatar to an ENS name).

Step 1 - Generate the Avatar record

First we will be generating an Avatar record. The avatar record is a special spec record that specifies the image to display. It can be a NFT that you own or an image stored on the blockchain (i.e. IPFS).

We will be using an external website not controlled by ENS domains. Be cautious at all times!

Ensure your ENS name is your Primary ENS name to your wallet

First, navigate to and enter your ENS name into the search bar:

Lets generate an avatar for phinominal.eth

Next you will be presented your current avatar, a list of NFTs that you own, and a preview of your avatars in other dapps. Choose an NFT from the list.

Lets choose an avatar

If you do not have an NFT, feel free to create one using any of the NFT creation methods available

You will then see a preview of the NFT selected:

A phinominal avatar!

Once you are happy with the NFT you have chosen, copy the generated code to clipboard.

The record to attach that phinominal artwork to a phinominal name.

Step 2 - Set the Avatar record

With the code from Step 1, navigate to and modify your ENS name. If you are unsure, follow the steps in How to Manage ENS records.

Set the avatar record with the copied code:

Copy Pasta (copy-paste)
Update & Confirm!

Then update and confirm the transaction. Once the transaction has confirmed, dapps may start picking up your new avatar.

Step 3 - Verify

It may take up to an hour for your new avatar to appear, so get a coffee and come back later!

Once the record is successfully updated and propagated, you will start to see your new avatar appearing in dapps that supports ENS name avatars.

ENS records will show the new avatar

Other dapps like Uniswap, 1inch, OpenSea will also show the new avatar.

OpenSea will also show the new avatar within the ENS NFT

If OpenSea isn't showing your new avatar, you may need to request to update the metadata.

That's it, you have now set an avatar to your ENS name!

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