How to Transfer ENS to Another Wallet

In this tutorial we will go through the steps to transfer your ENS to another wallet

What is the difference between the Registrant and Controller?

There are two special records in an ENS name that manages ownership and control.

  • Registrant record manages the ownership of the ENS name

  • Controller record manages the control of the ENS name

If your Ethereum address is set as the Controller you can change the resolver and add/edit records. Some dapps (eg: Fleek, OpenSea) set themselves as the Controller so they can update records on your behalf.

The Registrant only exists on ".eth" names and it allows you to change the Controller. If you transfer the Registrant to an address you don't own, you lose the ownership of the name.

In this tutorial, you will be spending some ETH to update records!

How to Transfer Ownership to Another Address

In this section, we will use the term "Ownership" instead of "Registrant" to better emphasis the meaning.

Step 1

Navigate to the ENS name you would like to transfer from the 'My Account' page.

Step 2

Press on the 'Transfer' button and input will appear. Enter the destination wallet address or an ENS name to transfer to.

Click on 'Transfer' again and a confirmation message will appear.

Step 3

Ensure the address is correct and then press 'Confirm' to continue. A transaction request will appear, and please confirm the transaction to transfer the ownership to the new owner.

Once the transaction has been confirmed, the new address will be reflected as below.

That's it, you have successfully transferred the ownership of your ENS name to a new wallet.

How to Transfer Control to another address

You will not be able to change the Controller record if you are not the current Owner/Registrant.

Follow the steps in "How to Transfer Ownership to Another Address" for the Controller record.


The following FAQ is verbatim from

How do I unregister my name?

If you click the "trash bin" icon on the address record, it will unset your address so that people can no longer look up your address with the name. You can also unset ownership of subdomains in this way, but you cannot do so on ".eth" addresses. Because ".eth" names are ERC721-compliant NFTs, you cannot transfer them to an empty address (0x00000...). You can transfer it to a burn address (eg: 0x00001), but that does not erase the fact that you used to own the name. Also, the name will not become available for registration again until the registration period and grace period runs out.

How do I transfer my name?

For a ".eth" name, transfer both the Registrant and the Controller to the new Ethereum account. Since ".eth" names are ERC721-compliant NFTs, you can change the Registrant by simply transferring the NFT from any NFT-compliant wallet/marketplace as well.

Note that transferring the ownership (aka the Registrant) of the name does not change the controller or records, so the recipient may need to update them once received. If the recipient is not experienced or you prefer your address not to be associated with the transferring names, it may be a good idea for you to set the ETH Address record to their Ethereum address, set the controller, then transfer the name.

For subdomains, there are no registrants unless the subdomain is customized to be ERC721 compliant. Simply set the controller to the new address (after setting the record to the new address).

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