๐ŸฆŠDownload a Crypto Wallet

Download a Crypto Wallet to your web browse

There are a lot of crypto wallets available today, but let me introduce Metamask, which is the most famous wallet of them all so far.

2. Click โ€œAdd to Chromeโ€ to download Metamask Extension to your Google Chrome.

Add to Chrome

3. Click โ€œAdd extensionโ€

Add extention

4. Click โ€œGet Startedโ€

Get Started

5. If you havenโ€™t a wallet yet, click โ€œCreate a Walletโ€

  • Import wallet: This is for users who already have an existing MetaMask wallet on a different device and would like to import it over to a new one.

  • Create a wallet: This is for users who want to set up a brand new MetaMask wallet.

Import Wallet or Create a Wallet

6. Create New Password

Create New Password

7. Watch a movie for the explanation of Metamask

Watch the movie, "Secure your wallet"

8. Store your "Recovery Phrase"

Recovery Phrase(=Seed Phrase) is essential for a crypto wallet. You will need it to back up your wallet and restore your account. Be careful about how to secure it.

Secret Recovery Phrase

Reference: You can read this article about how to secure your Recovery Phrase.

9. Confirm your "Secret Recovery Phrase"

Confirm your Secret Recovery Phrase

10. Congratulations! ๐ŸŽ‰ You completed the creation of your first wallet


11. Now, you can use your Metamask from your browse.

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